2006 Toyota Sienna Internal Rear View Mirror

OEM Part Numbers: 8781006080,8781052040,8781052041

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2006 Toyota Sienna
Recycled - Very Good (A grade)
Not Specified
Not Specified
Body Color:
Location in Yard:
Vehicle Stock#:
OEM Part Numbers:
Units of Damage:
Vehicle - Application
4 RUNNER 03-04 manual dimming
CAMRY 01 (manual dimming), North America built
CAMRY 02-06 manual dimming
CELICA 03-05 (manual dimming)
COROLLA 03-08 (manual dimming), w/o map lights
ECHO 03-05 (manual dimming)
MATRIX 03-08 (manual dimming), w/o map lights
MR2 03-05 (manual dimming)
PRIUS 04-09 manual dimming
PRIUS 11 w/o rear view camera display; manual dimming, from 11/10
PRIUS 12 (without rear view camera display), Prius V (VIN EU, 7th and 8th digit)
PRIUS 12-15 (without rear view camera display), Prius (VIN DU, 7th and 8th digit), manual dimming
PRIUS 12-15 (without rear view camera display), Prius C (VIN B3, 7th and 8th digit)
PRIUS 13-15 (without rear view camera display), Prius V (VIN EU, 7th and 8th digit), manual dimming
PRIUS 15 (without rear view camera display), Prius Plug-in (VIN DP, 7th and 8th digit), manual dimming
PRIUS 16 Prius (VIN FU, 7th and 8th digit), manual dimming, w/o pre-crash system
PRIUS 16-18 Prius V (VIN EU, 7th and 8th digit), manual dimming
PRIUS 16-19 Prius C (VIN B3, 7th and 8th digit), (manual dimming), w/o pre-crash system
PRIUS 18 Prius (VIN FU, 7th and 8th digit), (pre-crash system), ID 87810-52041
PRIUS 19-21 Prius (VIN FU, 7th and 8th digit), w/o pre-crash system
RAV4 04-08 manual dimming
RAV4 09-11 manual dimming, Japan built
RAV4 12 (gasoline), manual dimming, Japan built
RAV4 13-14 gasoline, manual dimming
RAV4 15 (gasoline), manual dimming
SCION IQ 11-15 (manual dimming)
SCION TC 05-07 (manual dimming)
SCION TC 08-16 manual dimming
SCION XA 04-06 (manual dimming)
SCION XB 08-15 manual dimming
SCION XD 08-14 manual dimming
SIENNA 04-10 manual dimming
SOLARA 04-08 manual dimming
YARIS 06-12
YARIS 13-15 (Htbk)
YARIS 16 Hatchback

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